Sep 11 2007


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Acum cateva zile am fost si eu pe acasa la parinti. Si fiind acasa am avut si ocazia de a ma uita la televizor. Ca acasa in Iasi am doua, dar am si calculator cu internet, de aceea nu prea sunt interesante pentru mine saracele.

Am vazut o noua campanie a celor de la teveu. Renumita campanie “Nu lasa copilul educat de televizor“. Nu am nimic impotriva ei. Este ok. Dar…

1) Propozitia cheie a acestei campanii suna cam ciudat. Adica ar fi sunat mult mai bine : “Nu lasa copilul tau sa fie educat de televizor!” Adica un indemn spre parinte sa-si asume responsabilitatea de parinte, responsabilitate pe care parintii moderni au redus-o la a se spleti ca prostii pentru binele progeniturilor, progenituri care nu apreciaza nici cat negru sub unghie acest lucru, ajungand mai tarziu sa le reproseze : “Din cauza ta am ajuns asa, ca nu mi-ai fost niciodata aproape cand am avut nevoie!” Educatia face mai mult decat niste toale noi. Educatia e ceea ce formeaza un caracter, e ceea ce face un copil sa se descurce in viata, chiar cand nimeni din cei ce l-au ajutat nu mai este. Niste toale si bani de iesit in oras nu fac asta.

2) Sincer… Daca programul televiziunilor este asa de prost si alte alternative nu sunt, ce vreti sa nu mai lasam copii deloc sa se uite la televizor? Cred ca trebuie si o campanie menita sa imbunatateasca grilele de programe ale anumitor televiziuni, nu numai campanii care sa ne educe pe noi, privitorii. Poate ar trebui sa facem noi privitorii o campanie impotriva televiziunilor, sa nu mai promoveze oameni imorali, revoltatori ca fiind vip-uri demne de admirat. Pentru ca asta vad copii la televizor, asta vor sa fie si ei. Poate prostia face rating si se vinde cel mai bine, dar logica este urmatoarea:ridicand standardele, populatia va trebui sa se chinuie sa tina pasul, in loc sa se consoleze in propria-i prostie, aceasta consolare fiind chiar stimulata de televiziunile respective. nu este normal si nici laudabil sa fii prost si incult, este jenant si rusions. Asta ar trebui promovat.(In fine ideea este in coacere, o sa mai postez pe subiectul asta, o sa mai revin alta data pentru ca simt ca o iau pe ulei :) )

Stau si ma gandesc uneori ca Ceausescu a avut motivele lui pentru care a cenzurat televiziunea in halul ala. Tot ce puteai vedea copil fiind, erau inocentele desene cu lupul si iepurasul (“Nu Zaieti Pagadi!!! :) “), un film in care un barbat la 40 de ani cu nevasta bolnava de cancer se indragostea de o femeie mai tanara si se simtea vinovat pentru asta si stirile care mereu prezentau cat de bine o duce tara si unde a mai fost in vizita Ceasescu si nevasta.

Eu am auzit termenul de “viol” in clasa a 4-a si nu stiam ce inseamna. Credeam ca “sex” se refera doar la dotarea cu un anumit organ. Au auzit cuvantul “pula” in clasa a 6-a si nu am folosit niciodata injuraturi cu conotatie sexuala. Si nu sunt calugarita, nici frustrata si nici frigida. Mi-am pierdut virginitatea undeva dupa 18 ani, cand eram studenta si caminista, pentru ca mi s-ar fi parut lipsit de respect fata de parintii mei sa fac sex in casa intretinuta total de ei.

Am fost invatata sa imi folosesc capul si am fost obisnuita sa traiesc cu bani putini. Acum am si bani, mai multi decat mi-am imaginat ca o sa am la varsta asta. Sunt castigati total de mine, iar munca mea nu implica nimic murdar, vulgar sau de care sa ma rusinez pe viitor. Deci am ajuns bine, desi nu am avut parte de Tom si Jerry in copilarie, de calculator si internet, de bani sau sex incepand cu varsta de 13 ani.

Mai nou voi tine si niste ore la facultate, voi fi doar asistenta de laborator deci, nu cred ca voi avea ocazia sa schimb cine stie ce in caracterul studentilor mei. Dar voi fi corecta, severa, impartiala dar si intelegatoare in cazuri extreme. Asa cum orice profesor ar trebui sa fie, asa cum mi-as fi dorit eu sa am profesori.

Acestea fiind zise…mai aberez eu alta data pe tema asta.

[English] Education

A few days ago I went home to visit my parents and I had the “wonderful” occasion to watch Tv. At home, in Iasi I have two Tv’s but I also have a computer connected to internet, so the Tv’s Are not that interesting to me.

On the national television there’s a new campaign going on. It’s a campaign about the education of children, I will translate the name in English but I don’t think I can make it as stupid as in Romanian sounds : Don’t let children educated by the TV! (or maybe I just did :) ) I have nothing against this campaign, it’s ok and I think it’s necessary. But…

1.) The key phrase of this campaign sounds strange. (I translated in English to reflect exactly the way it is in Romanian, so if you think is grammatically incorrect, well in Romanian is too :) ) I think that the name of this campaign should be : “Don’t allow your children to be educated by the TV!” This should sound as a serious advice for the parents to assume their responsibility as parents. Responsibility that modern parents have reduced it to the act of working like stupid machines for the well being of their offspring.Offspring that (very often) don’t even appreciate all their hard work, later arriving to the point of reproaching their parents: “It’s because of you that I’m this way! You were never around when I needed you!” Education does more for your child, than new fancy clothes do. Education is what builds a character, is what teaches a child to live, even when there’s nobody around to help. Some new fancy clothes and money to spend don’t do that.

2.) Honestly, if the Tv programs are so stupid and we have no alternatives, what should we do? Keep the children away from the Tv totally, like the communists did ? I think we neede a campaigns to improve the quality of our programs, not just campaigns to educate us, the watchers. Maybe us, the watchers, should create and sustain a campaign against the Tv companies, not to promote immorality and it’s most outrageous human representatives as being worthy of following role models. Because if that’s what children see, that’s what they’ll become. Maybe stupidity make ratings and sells the best, but here is my logic: lifting up the standards, the population will have to adapt, the population will have to keep up instead of accepting it’s stupidity as a fact, because accepting self stupidity is promoted and stimulated exactly by the Tv companies. It’s not normal and it’s not commendable to be stupid and incult, is in fact embarrassing and hideous. This attitude should be promoted.(Anyway I’m still cooking the idea, I will write about this subject later, I’ll come back another time because I’m deviating too much :))

Sometimes I think that the communist Romanian leader Ceausescu had his reasons for his extreme censoring of Tv programs.As a chils all you could see on Tv were the innocent cartoons with the wolf and the rabbit (”Nu Zaieti Pagadi!!! ) “), a film about a 40 year old man with a very sick wife (cancer ) that falls in love with a younger woman and feels guilty about it and news about how good things are in our country and what company did Ceausescu and his wife visited that week. [TO BE CONTINUED…]

I heard the rape word when I was in fourth grade(9 years old) and I did not know what it meant. I thought “sex” was just about a certain human organ. I heard the word “dick” in sixth grade and I never used bad words with sexual connontation. And I’m not a nun, or frustrated or frigid. I lost my virginity somewhere later than 18 years old, when I was a student living in the campus, because I considered disrespectfully to my parents to have sex in their house, that they have struggled to build and make it a home for me.

I was thought to use my head and I was used to live with little money. Now, I have more money than I ever imagined I’ll have at this age, they’re all won by me and my work does not involve anything dirty, vulgar or anything to be embarrassed about in the future. So I turned out just fine, even if I did not have Tom and Jerry as a child,computer and internet, money or sex starting 13.
Recently i have been offered a job as an assistant at the university where I studied. I don’t think I’ll have the occasion to change anything in the character of my students. But I will be fair,serious, impartial and understanding in extreme cases. This is the way every teacher should be, this is the way I wish my teachers would have been.

All in all … I’ll talk about this another time.

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