This is the list with the things I want to do before I die.  It is not a fixed list and it might change from time to time, depending of course of my evolution as a person and a professional.

    1. Meet Michael Jackson.(no longer possible)
    2. Get into college.
    3. To volunteer for an animal protection NPO.
    4. Learn to swim.
    5. Go to the sea. Any sea.
    6. See Paris.
    7. Learn German.[in progress]
    8. Learn to ride a bicycle.
    9. Buy a barbie doll.(lost interest)
    10. Learn to skate.(ice-skating too)
    11. Learn to professionally climb mountains(bouldering)
    12. Get my MD with highest qualification.
    13. Learn to play guitar.
    14. Try bungee-jumping. (18 June, 2016 Cheile Rasnoavei)
    15. Go paragliding.
    16. Learn to ski.
    17. Fly with a zeppelin.
    18. Meet Darren Hayes.
    19. See John Mayer perform live.(Camden, 18 Aug 2017)
    20. See Ed Sheeran perform live.(Prague, 12 Feb 2015)
    21. Go to space.
    22. Swim with dolphins.
    23. Go scuba diving next to a coral reef.
    24. Get my driver license.
    25. And drive a Ferrari on a competition circuit.
    26. Buy a Tesla car.
    27. See the northern lights.
    28. Present something at FOSDEM.
    29. See Scotland. (Edinburgh, 10 Sept 2016)
    30. Get a tattoo(Prague, 13 Feb 2015)
    31. Run a semi-marathon(Sibiu, semi-marathon 30 May 2015, 30 May )
    32. Lose some weight(about 10 kilograms)[in progress]
    33. Get my motorcycle driver license
    34. And a motorcycle.
    35. Ride a horse
    36. Eat sushi.
    37. See the piramids.
    38. See all the castles of Loire.
    39. Donate blood.
    40. Go to Vama Veche on the 1st of May.
    41. Publish at least 1 book.
    42. See New York.
    43. Visit these guys.
    44. Visit the Tesla museum from the US.
    45. Try skydiving.(Brasov, Ghimbav 4 November 2015)
    46. Visit the Smithsonian.
    47. Buy a house.[in progress]
    48. Read “Dune”.
    49. Read “1001 nights”.
    50. Go to Burning Man.
    51. Meet David Duchovny.(Amsterdam, The Netherlands 9 May 2016)
    52. Find my soulmate, or facilitate for him(her) to find me(sic!).

13 Responses to TODO

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  2. vlad says:

    well, then, you should cross no. 41 off the list.

  3. Iuliana says:

    True. Done.

  4. stefan says:

    Same wish two times
    13. Learn to play guitar…
    52. Learn to play guitar…

    Personal opinions:
    The list is long but the goals are realistic.
    Almost every wish is money related and easy for someone with a lot of $$$ and free time.

  5. Iuliana says:

    Free time …I should check where to buy that. :(

    That is how much I want to learn to play guitar. :))

  6. david says:

    found your website browsing for spring books. Suggestion: move #52 up to #1.

  7. Iuliana says:

    Hi David, the numbers are not priorities. Sure, I would really love to cut 52, but it is not up to me. ;)

  8. Hallo Iuliana, danke für dein Buch “Pivotal Certified Professional Spring Developer Exam: A Study Guide”, was ich zur Zeit lese um in Spring fit zu werden. Ich mag deine Liste (ToDo), inspiriert mich. Grüße aus Deutschland, Tobias : )

  9. Iuliana says:

    Danke schön Tobias! Mein Deutsch ist night gut, aber Ich bin froh, dass Sie mein Buch mögen. Grüße aus Romanien! ;)

  10. Silviu says:

    Then you should change 52 to: meet my soulmate or my soulmate to find me :)

  11. Jose Sousa says:

    Well i stoped on burning man .. :D

  12. Chinecherem says:

    13 may be hard for a programmer unless time is in abundance for you,
    I want to learn java but I have two problems,I currently hate PDFs

  13. pierre p says:

    Hi Julia,

    Some people use heavy books to prop up their wobbly furniture.

    I use the “Pivotal Certified Professional Core Spring 5 Developer Exam” book to reinforce my spring developments.

    Thank you for your work

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