Oct 12 2016

Musical perfection = John Mayer + Akua Naru

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No need to thank me, just enjoy!

Sep 29 2016

What means to be a good programmer

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A few weeks ago this picture appeared on my Facebook wall.
And it got me thinking. Are programmers that special? We really do programming just because it is fun? And what actually means to be a good programmer? Because in 10 years of experience in this field I had the occasion to work with really good programmers that were really awful people and good people that were not that good programmers, but they were easy to work with.

So then, what makes a programmer good? His ability to write an algorithm? His ability to improve it? His ability  to work in a team? His ability to write stable, extendable, testable and maintainable code? What means to actually be a good programmer?

Because if good programmers write code for fun, this means that I am actually a good runner, because I run for fun. It also means I am a good dancer because I dance for fun. This also makes me a good comedian, because I make my friends laugh for fun. And so on. And what happens when I have a bad day and I write code and hate doing it? Does this make me a bad programmer?

I am not looking the define what a good programmer is. Because programming is not about having fun. Bill Gates did not do it for fun. Steve Jobs did not do it either, I assure you. They did it because they have inferred the potential of technology when used properly. Programming is about making the technology do the work for you. The better you are at it, the more work it will do for you. So fuck it, I do not want to be a good programmer! Because I do not program for fun, not 90% of the time. I program to improve my life and others’ too.

I do not want to be a good programmer, because I want to be an excellent programmer. And if I succeed I want my work and my effort to be recognized, I want to be adulated by the public and I do expect to get properly remunerated.

Sep 05 2016

How do you recognize applications created by me?

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Well… There will always be that user, called gigi.pedala, that I probably created when  I was pissed off that something did not work as I intended…

Who is Gigi Pedala? In Romania Gigi Pedală, also known as Dorel is the guy creating trouble, that knows nothing (and he is nothing like John Snow) and most of the time does nothing. Except trouble. That he does.

May 23 2016

Near Miss

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Some time ago I changed my job. And the new job not only requires that I travel abroad a lot, but it also allows me to go on vacation abroad in the places I always wanted to visit but could not afford to. For a while I kept joking with my friends that I was flying for so long and nothing interesting happened, so I have no turbulence scary story to tell. But last time I came back from Amsterdam, the plane went through some serious turbulence. But as the plane jumped up and down I could feel my heart in my throat and my mind started racing. A lot of weird thoughts and memories were fighting for what could have been the last moments of my consciousness. This is how it went, sort of.

If I die now who will remember me? Will anyone think of me next year, what about the one after that? Will somebody have imaginary conversations with me as I have with Bogdan? Aww damn, I’m not sure I remember where his picture is. I should frame that. If I wouldn’t die now, what else could I accomplish? Sure, I have a wonderful career. I am appreciated and I am loved. I am happy. I have lost and I have gained, but if I don’t die what else is there? Maybe I’ll have a beautiful family someday, maybe I will do something to change the world. Maybe I’ll manage to travel to Mars before I die. I really wanted to be there and make it happen maybe, or at least see it happen, feel it happen. And aside of it all, before I die I really just want to fall in love one more time, truly, madly, deeply, completely. I don’t care if I won’t get to spend the rest of my life with that person. I don’t really care if he or she will not love me, or will hurt me. I just want to meet him or her and just fall in love again.

Oh wait, the turbulence stopped. I’ll go back to reading “Bucky F*cking Dent“. All that other stuff can wait at least until I finish this book. ;)

Stay safe, stay happy!

May 12 2016

Expect the unexpected

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I know that I keep promising to make this blog a technical one, but until the second technical book is out, everything technical that I do is related to the book and I am not allowed to make it public until the book is published. So until then, you’ll have to get used to reading only normal things that I think about, normal or not so normal things that happen to me.

The last normal thing that happen to me is that I went to Amsterdam to see David Duchovny  sing. And I had a VIP ticket, first VIP ticket for me, ever. I thought it meant receiving an official CD with an autograph or a place closer to the stage.  Apparently it included more, meaning the possibility to meet him. It was unexpected and I thought for two days what I could say to him. I have always dreamed about maybe meeting him by mistake someday and telling him I loved him in X-Files, Californication and Aquarius,  that I loved his singing and I sort of enjoyed his books. I imagined meeting him in a coffee shop and having a conversation about who we are and what we do. But I never dared to think that I would actually meet him and I had no idea how the interaction will be.

What can you say to your favorite singer or actor? “I love you”? “I want to marry you” ? “You are awesome”?  That is preposterous, because you do not really know the person.  You might know what wikipedia, or imdb, or allmusic says about them. You know a lot about them, but you do not know them. Plus, the stupid things I mentioned before are things that adolescents says, because they easily fall in love with an image and/or a voice. As an adult you cannot say those things without looking ridiculous. And I did not want to seem ridiculous. So, what could a thirty-something old say to her favorite actor? I had no idea.

“You look very good for your age, I really hope that’s not make-up”, that’s what I ended up saying to him. Yeap, not so smart, I know. It was sort of a compliment, but not really. And it definitely was not memorable.  He had a mild cold, and the people in charge of the event told us that he would not speak because he is saving his voice for the show. But he did speak to me, he had to confirm that he was that good looking with no make up on. And I got so mesmerized and sort of embarrassed that I just took the picture with his autograph and wanted to leave. He grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me close to him for the official picture. It was unexpected and daaamn he is strong!  He does have strong hands, but I think he kinda skips the leg day a lot, because he has a small ass and really skinny legs. (hi hi!)

david_and_meWhat you really must know is that this guy is definitely not photogenic. He looks much better in real life than in any of his movies or this picture. Except X-Files, when he was very young, in all other movies he looks trashed and sort of old. But when I was face to face with him, I could not   believe how not his age and fresh he looked. (These Hollywood people are out of this world!)

So yeah, I met David Duchovny and it meant so much to me because, I am  such a meaningless individual, I have started my life from such a low point that meeting my favorite actor was pure fantasy. But I met him, and the reality of the event is confirmed by a picture I have with him that will be printed on photographic paper and be stuck to my fridge next to the one with his autograph. And my future children and grandchildren will be told the story of this insignificant little girl with not many expectations for her future, that grew up to be a significant strong woman that even got to meet her favorite actor. (Even if the interaction with him lasted probably no more than 30 seconds, it still counts, ok ?)

I wish I had the occasion to know him better, but I guess some events in our lives are more meaningful because of how short they are.

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Mar 10 2016

Awesome Feedback for my technical book

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In case you do not know I wrote a technical book, about Spring Web. From time to time, I receive emails from people reading my book and working with the code, but the email received tonight made my day:

What attracted me to your Pivotal Certified Spring Web Application Developer Exam Guide is the fact that you used Java configuration for the Spring Web Flow, and to the best of my knowledge, that is the only book in the market that currently used Java Config for Spring Web Flow. As I look further into the book I see how you encouraged the use of current and most prevalent tools for development. I love your approach, it is very upwards looking, and has the tendency of yielding a great and lasting result.
(That’s what Tim said)

So yeah, I’m a pioneer in using Java Config for Spring Web Flow. Ta da! So in case you had doubts about buying my book, I hope there are less of them now.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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Feb 19 2016

I’ll just leave this here

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