The World Right Now

In 2013 I’ve been sent by the company I worked for to Barcelona, to a DevOps conference. Joining me was a colleague from the Kyiv office. We enjoyed the conference, and he kept the creeps away, because there were only four women at that conference, and the other three had their boyfriends/husbands with them to do that. I did not, so he assumed that role. He was a kind and sweet man and I remember him fondly. In 2014, a plane was attacked over the Ukrainian air space, and the Russian army intervened, and the conflict was serios enough that our company decided to offer support for all employees in Kyiv that wanted to move to The Netherlands. So, he and his girlfriend moved to Amsterdam.

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Just a…

This morning it might be the last time I saw my cat Psihoza alive and well (sort of) and I feel disconsolate about it and because blogging is how I do therapy here it is, a full-blown entry about it.

Ricky Gervais said that If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all. I would say the same thing about cats. Any creature that deals with a human for more than ten years without ripping our face off, deserves to outlive us all. Continue reading

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Taming of the shrew

If you think I’m gonna jump from a technical article to a literary one, hold on to your britches, because it is worse than that. I am going to jump from a technical one to romance inspired one. Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s and I am an old spinster, what did you expect?

One of the things I loved best about the internet is the fact that makes it so easy to find information. Even if that information seems useless when you read it, there might be a time when it might be useful. And thus… this entry was conceived.

A while ago, while killing some time on reddit, I stumbled on a question asked by somebody: What did your ex gave you that is still with you? The first thought that came into my mind was “Romance PTSD”. It made me chuckle and it made me sad at the same time. I like to joke about it a lot, about how my past toxic relationships have cured me of love forever. I swear sometimes I feel like an alcoholic, that managed to stay sober for many years, but I will always be in danger of slipping and ending up dead in a ditch.  Apparently, my extreme romance reluctance has a name, it’s called philophobia and it is defined as being the fear of love or of becoming emotionally connected with another person. I am sure a good psychologist would make a lot of money and by the end of my life would probably manage to fix me a little, but in the grand scheme of things, this little defect of mine doesn’t stop me from having a good life, so I think I’m gonna be fine. Anyway, back to my initial idea.

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You are not who I thought you were

In a time where internet is everywhere and we are bombarded with information from various sources, our brains tend to take shortcuts, ignore the holes, and make assumptions to keep up with how fast things are being thrown at it. I am not excluded from this, and I find it hard to restrain myself from making assumptions over events and people. It is hard to convince myself that I don’t know enough to have an opinion, when it feels like I know so much about something or someone. It is hard, but I’ve never liked easy things. And so, I make the effort, because I do not want to live my life in a state of obliviousness.

I know it is a lot to ask, but I would love it if more people would do the same and restrain themselves from assuming they know everything about everyone.

Where is this going? Well… a while ago somebody has asked me to answer a few questions related to my writing process, and the whole flow of events that concludes in a technical book coming into existence. The result was supposed to be published on a technical blog, but so far it did not happen, and I think I know why. I was actually honest, and maybe too verbose. But, for fuck’s sake, writing a technical book is not a walk in the park, it takes at least 9 months to write one and during this time there are other things happening in my life that affect that process. I cannot make it simple, because it is not. Maybe it is for other more capable people than me, but it is not for me. Regardless… the work gets done, and a book gets published every year on time. So, let me share the questions that I answered regarding the work I did for the Java 17 for Absolute Beginners that never made it to the internet… until now.
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Real people don’t talk like that!

I’ve heard a few people when watching certain movies complain about bad writing because Real people don’t talk like that!  A few times, they were right, but the other few they were not. The few times they were not right, they also were being sarcastic because the context those expressions were used was a romantic one. I don’t remember the exact expressions, unfortunately I postponed writing this article until only the core idea remained, but not where it came from.

I remember being outraged. I read a lot of poetry and literature and I’ve learned how to express myself from books. Let me give you a snippet. Continue reading

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Just a few thoguhts…

I have a LinkedIN profile, as you do, when you are familiar with the internet as a duck is with the water. My LinkedIN profile is so old I do not remember when I created it or why.

In theory, a LinkedIN profile is a professional profile providing you visibility on the internet, making you reachable to potential employers and recruiters.

Practically though, the only job that I got using my LinkedIn profile is the current one. The circumstances of me getting this job were peculiar, I’ll tell you all about it another time. Anyway, over the years a lot of recruiters have contacted me via its chat. So, the fact that a single one managed to get me to go to an interview and I actually decided to say yes to the job does not look good for LinkedIN statistics.

However, it is possible the LinkedIN platform is not to blame, it is how people use it. Recruiters probably use rudimentary scan tools to scan the site for keywords and rarely read the profiles to check if they actually match a job they  have specs for. This explains how I was offered JavaScript or Java Junior jobs, or jobs in technologies I haven’t used in 10 years. And explains why recruiters keep calling me Luliana, even when my profile page looks like this.

So yeah, in the end it is a people problem.

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Another one bites the dust

I love coffee. I am immune to caffeine, but I like the taste of coffee. It all started when I was six, yes I was six years old when I drunk coffee for the first time. My mother had her morning routine of reading the newspaper and drinking coffee and I wanted to be included. And she included me, by sharing half of the newspaper and giving me my own very small cup of coffee. Those are some of my best memories of her. The year was 1988 or 1989 probably and a coffee was really bad. The communist regime was not very generous with its common people, so the only coffee people could get legally was a mix of de-caffeinated coffee, roasted chickpeas and who knows what else. So don’t worry, my mother was not abusing me by giving me caffeine, she did it in other ways.

Memory is a funny thing; I don’t remember any period of my life when I was not drinking coffee. After the communist regime fell, the good coffee reached Romania. I knew the brands my mother liked: Jacobs, Tchibo and Amigo. I remember mixing Amigo instant coffee with powdered milk and warm water when I was in the 6th grade. I remember drinking a coffee before going to high school, and then another when I got home so I could be energetic enough to do some filed work. I liked the same brands of coffee that my mother liked. In time all of them changed, Jacobs lost its flavor and became bitter. Same happened to Tchibo. But I loved Amigo coffee for years. I left Romania and I was sad a little when I discovered I could not buy Amigo coffee in the UK.

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