Jul 11 2020

About being a diversity hire and why it shouldn’t matter

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I am going to start this entry with a dark-bitter joke.

Bertram Wooster and Ernestine Anderson were staffing up their teams. Bertram was hiring trainees to work in the company’s retail stores, Ernestine was hiring software developers to build a new supply chain system for the company’s operations. ”Bert,” Ernestine asked, “I have hundreds of resumés, how do I whittle them down to a handful of calls and a few interviews?”Bertram smiled. He grabbed a pile of resumés from his desk, then started dealing the resumés out, first one back onto his desk, second into the recycle bin, third onto his desk, fourth into the recycle bin. When he was finished, he had thrown half of the resumés away. “It’s simple.” Bertram told Ernestine. “Just don’t hire anybody who’s unlucky.”

This week, I saw a black developer defended himself on Twitter after being accused of being a diversity hire. And that pissed me off a little. Nobody should defend themselves for getting a job, because most passing job interviews is dependent on so many random factors that it could be considered … luck.

There will be people that will tell you that they are so good at their job and they are have such an exemplary character, and presentation skills that they can get any job they want. But that is simply not true.
There is a saying about people: no matter how great and awesome and kind a person is, there is at least one person in this world that hates them. Which means, you might consider yourself lucky to have met your partner, but there is at least one person in this world to consider themselves to be lucky to have gotten rid of you. This is just hoe the world is, you cannot please everyone.

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Jul 09 2020

Let me tell you about John

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I have this friend called John. John is smart and wise.  John has a way about him, he always seems to know the right thing to say or to do.

John has some magic way of knowing when to be in the right place, at the right time to offer help when needed. John is the best person I know, he is always understanding and kind, and if he hurts me sometimes, I trust him to do it for my own good, even if I don’t always understand it. He is so supportive and protective of me, that sometimes hurts people that have hurt me. John is such a good friend.

He is also quite busy, so sometimes when I find myself in a pickle and I do not know what to do, I ask myself “What would John do?” and because he is my best friend and always there for me, I know is what he would do, so I do it. And I am sure he would approve of my actions. John is amazing and any person would be blessed to have a friend like John. So, every time I meet someone nice, I feel good talking to them about John.

I know it seems extreme to always be relying on John’s help and approval, but John is older than me and he has more experience. He does know better.

Sometimes I borrow John money, but he never asks me directly, he always sends his friend Marcus to do it. I think he is embarrassed he has to ask money from me. He has never given me the money back, and Marcus is never able to contact him to send him my messages about getting my money back. But John is truly great, I wouldn’t know how to live my life without him.

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Jul 01 2020

Gilead is coming

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There is a pharmaceutical company named Gilead. And this company apparently has managed to produce an anti-viral drug that seems to shorten recovery times in patients suffering with Covid-19.

For all those that read the Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale(or are watching the series), the name of pharmaceutical company is creepy as fuck.

Apparently the Trump administration purchased 500,000 courses of the drug.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but if the side effect of this drug is discovered in a few years to be sterillity, we should name Margaret Atwood the new Nostradamus. Also, it would be so ironic if that happens that we will have to invent a word to represent the absolute irony.

Stay safe, stay happy!

Jun 27 2020

I got beaten by SelfControl

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In 2014 made the change from Linux to MacOS. I adapted quickly, even though I had my issues with an operating system that sometimes behaves like a control-freak boyfriend.

(Some context for the previous image: Siri just started on its own, for no apparent reason. Told it to leave me alone. Apprently the algorithm is not good enough to understand that and act upon it. But I guess it records everything I say which is terrifying.)

A few years in I discovered I had a social media addiction. Me checking my Facebook account, Twitter, Reddit and a few other websites constantly was affecting my ability to do my job properly, so I did what I always do, I tried to block myself from accessing those websites. My Facebook app is currently disabled on my phone. I only keep the messaging app for keeping in touch with friends, but my problem was cutting access to them on the computer.

That is when I discovered the SelfControl app. My only problem with it was that the maximum blocking interval was too small: 12 hours, if I remember correctly. And it wasn’t doing it for me. So, I googled for a solution. And there is an itsy-bitsy hack to increase that interval to … a lot. I set it to 1 month.

And a while ago exasperated by the fact that I was wasting too much time on unproductive sites, I used the app again, and I set it to one month on my work laptop and on my personal laptop.

Only about a week ago, I really needed to retweet some work tweets and this is how the fight with SelfControl began on my work laptop. Do you want to know the fun part?

There are a lot of things you have to do to disable the damn thing. I tried a few and it looked like it might work. I also unistalled the damn thing.  I hoped something would work, but nope.

Twitter, Facebook and a few other sites are still blocked on my work laptop. I don’t even know how long I have, and if after the interval expires the sites will be available again. It might be that the work laptop just needs a restart, which it will happen at some point. But until then, I am still locked out of all the unproductive sites that used to eat my time.

And I know that if I am willing to dig a little more, try new things, I will end up unblocking those sites. But I do not want to, I don’t really need them anyway.

But what prompted me to write is entry is that I admire the team that build the SelfControl app. It really, really does what promised. It helps you control yourself, when you are not able to. And it does a great job. So great, that it discourages you from interfering with it.

So yeah, I’ve been beaten by SelfControl and I’m not even sorry.

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Jun 16 2020

Time to give up Revolut

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When I moved to the UK Revolut saved me a lot of headaches. I was able to convert all my savings in GBP with the smallest commission and I was able to rent a place, buy a car and even receive my salary without having an UK bank account. Sure, the cost of all this was the cost of the Revolut premium service which is 72GBP per year. But it was worth it.

Emphasis on the was.

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Jun 13 2020

The Masquerade

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I am using Twitter to keep in contact with my developer friends, mentors and to keep up to date with Java, Spring, IntelliJ IDEA and other technologies I like and use on a daily basis. When the USA BLM riots started, I said to myself “Hm, finally, maybe US will manage finally to fix their racism problem”. But I never expected every fucker in this world to try to jump in the BLM bandwagon and to show support in the most ridiculous ways that do not make a difference. People I thought were “la crème de la crème” in the IT environment started babbling about how using the terms master/slave in tech is bad and somehow promotes slavery and racism and going out of their way to stop using the “master” branch in Git.

I thought they were only a few and their useless ways of showing they despise slavery and racism would be laughed at and people would forget about it.

But it didn’t. And it scares me.  And it sickens me. Don’t stop reading, let me tell you why.

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Jun 11 2020

The one about my streaming addiction

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I have an addictive personality. Or maybe I don’t, but I know that both of my grandfathers were alcoholics and I have two uncles which are alcoholics too, one for each branch of the family. So, I do tend to be afraid that if I’m not careful I will turn into an alcoholic. Fortunately, my addiction of choice is not alcohol. And neither is any other drug. I tried marijuana, I even have access to really good one, but I only have a brownie when I have trouble sleeping. Otherwise I feel no desire for it.

My addiction of choice are books and movies. I like to lose myself in imaginary characters’ lives, because my life was always pretty nasty, and when it stopped being nasty it became dull. I need some freaking excitement, so movies, series and books provide a lot of excitement. I’m not saying that when I was an adolescent I was sacrificing all  my sleep to watch series like X-Files, Star Trek, SeaQuest, Star Gate, Firefly, etc but I did sacrifice a lot of it, and the only thing that stopped me from losing even more sleep was the nature of TV programmes which only provided one episode per day, or per week. But damn, the wait and the anticipation of a new episode made the experience so much better. I did nothing else while watching the episode and payed attention to everything in it. The lights, the symbols, the character’s clothes, hairdos, everything was important. And I hated when episodes were interrupted by commercials.

Then Netflix and Prime and other stream services appeared. And the commercials and the anticipation were gone. Don’t get me wrong, I very much appreciate the lack of commercials. But I hate the fact that the whole series is there to watch. Because at this point, I just want to know how the story goes and how it ends, I just watch the first episodes with enough attention to learn the characters voices, and that is it. After that, the show runs continuously while I do other things. I no longer pay attention to the details, I don’t care about the surroundings of the characters, I just care about the interactions between them and the overall story. I no longer care about how they look, how they dress. And I think I’m missing something, because there are not many new series that I can say they have become my favourite and can mention along the ones that have taken a place in my heart long time ago. There’s just three really:  Altered Carbon, Chernobyl and The Mandalorian. These three are the only series I’ve watched exclusively, without doing anything in parallel. These three are so good that they capture my full attention which means the rest are pretty low in quality which is turn not good for this industry.

Anyway, I lost my train of thought.  This entry was not supposed to be about series and movies I like. This entry is supposed to underline the following: streaming services are very addictive. The problem with them not enforcing moderation is that I sometimes feel I’m so eager to finish a series, I am not even watching it, I’m mostly listening to it. And when I watch it, I feel guilty because I am wasting my time and not getting anything done. I’m far from a worst-case scenario, I am still able to do my job and waste some time here and there. But I imagine there are persons which get sucked into binging worse than I do. I’m sure nobody lost their job because of a streaming addiction, but I am curious how many people realized that a streaming is addictive and decided to cancel it to prevent themselves from wasting time?

I did it for this exact reason. So, Netflix lost a customer. Will I revive my account in the future? Maybe. Just for a month when the new season of Witcher gets released. And maybe for Altered Carbon. But after that I will cancel it again. And sure, you will tell me that there are a lot of other good series, and you might mention some of the Spanish and South American ones. I’m not interested. Those are so close to the telenovelas my mother was addicted to when I was young, that it makes me sick.

I think streaming services should reconsider their approach. If addiction to binging is looked at as an addiction to drugs, you do not want your customers to die of an overdose, you want to give them little quantities of the drug to keep them addicted and alive and functional enough to pay for it.

But, what do I know? I’m no psychologist and I do not own a streaming service after all. Take a look at your habits and make your decision. I made mine.

Stay safe, stay happy!