Hey Anti-Vaxxer!

Yeah, you! I am writing this entry for you.

On Saturday I’ve had my second vaccine and I’ve had zero side-effects, like none. I did not get a fever, nor muscle aches and no weird sounds in my ears either. They might as well could have had in-jected me with saline, it would have felt the same. Actually, they might have – what if they are doing placebo samples, and I was one of them?

In case I was not given a placebo, I probably now have a microchip somewhere in my body, but I’m already a drone in the system, I work at least 8 hours a day, all my money goes to bills and there is a microchip in my personal and professional computer, in my tablet and in my phones, so they already know what I’m doing every second I am alive. So, I accepted their damn vaccine, because I’d prefer to be a drone that is alive, instead of a dead one.

But you, you my dear anti-vaxxer friend, you don’t have to be like me. Good for you for not getting the vaccine, good for you for standing up to Big Brother, even if you are risking your life and the life of your loved ones doing so. Your kids, they are innocent, and they should be kept that way. Maybe they will die from the virus, but they will go straight to heaven because they are innocent, and a short life of freedom is better than a long life being a drone in the system, right? And if they happen to die, don’t worry, the planet is overpopulated anyway, by not vaccinating yourself and them, you are basically saving the planet twice. I am sure sometime in the future, humanity will see reason and admit that they’ve misjudged you and build a memorial to all anti-vaxxers that sacrificed themselves in the COVID crisis to let the world know the truth.

However, now that statistics say that most people dying from the virus happen to be unvaccinated ones, you must protect yourself. Do not leave your house and wash your hands like crazy and wear a mask. And protect your kids too by teaching them to do the same. Stay inside your house and stay away from the vaccinated drones to avoid contagion. Who knows what those vaccines are doing to us in the long run?

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Lady Evelyn Tart

When I moved to Scotland, one of the things I discovered was a cake called Victoria Sponge Cake. I love making it and I love eating it. After learning how to make it, I made one per week for a while until I got bored of it.

When I moved to Kirkcaldy, I befriended this lovely 82-year-old lady. She is a pescatarian and she does not like cakes. She has been really nice to me, and I’ve wanted for a while to make it up to her. But I am very good at making cakes and she doesn’t like cakes so … I was in a pickle. But after I got the highway apples, I had an idea for a cake that with minimal sugar and a lot of apples and nuts that I thought she might like. I made it, she loved it and I named it “Lady Evelyn”; that’s her name by the way.

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The Highway Apples

I like fruits. I know most people say that fruits are bad because they contain sugars and such and that a good lifestyle should actually include a lot of vegetables, less fruits and less meat, but it is what it is. My brains know what it wants, and my brains wants fruits.

I grew up in Romania in a time when there were more trees than cars on our streets and most of them were trees that produced some kind of fruit, because those are the best trees. Also, my parents used to discard me and my sister at my grandparent’s houses for summer vacations up until I was 12. They lived in an awesome village untouched by technology and pollution at the time. And then they moved to one of those villages. So, I grew up surrounded by trees that produce things you could it… also called fruits.
After I left my parents’ nest, I always happen to live somewhere close to a place where there was some sort of tree that produced something eatable. This is valid for Scotland as well, although random unknown fruit trees are not so easy to find as in Romania. However, I know a few in almost every town along the Fife coast all discovered while cycling.

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I promised myself I wasn’t gonna do it …

… but I gotta talk about Texas.

I think I wrote an entry about Poland too when they prohibited abortions. If I did not call that country a Catholic Communist country, I am doing it now.

As for Texas … well, what can it be said really? This is what happens when you mix religious freaks with gun freaks and an almost non-existent public education system. But what is interesting about this whole thing is that in this countries companies can lobby/sponsor politicians of their choice so they can make this kind of laws. It is all over the internet, but I will copy the list of companies that have sponsored this bill here too:

  1. AT&T: $291,042, amounting to 53% of its total in-state donations
  2. Charter Communications: $219,500, or 61% of its donations
  3. Berkshire Hathaway: $128,550, 53% of total donations
  4. Exelon: $124,000, or 56% of total donations
  5. UnitedHealth Group: $121,000, or 53% of total donations
  6. Union Pacific: $109,000, or 43% of total donations
  7. Chevron: $105,500, or 50% of total donations

For people who are not living in the US, a political system based on companies’ sponsorships is absurd. It makes no sense for private companies to influence laws, because … what would stop them buying some favorable to them??

Looking at that list though, I don’t understand how having more women dead because of botched abortions at home, more children abandoned in orphanages, that maybe will become homeless people and parasites for the social system, more children not being taken care of, and other consequences that do not come into my mind now, benefits them.

How do all these consequences of that stupid bill, benefit those companies?

Do they need more low-cost work force for the future? Do they need more consumers? What is the end game here? Because to reap the benefits of this bill, it would take at least 16 years. Do these companies think they will live that long after this stunt? If we look at their stock prices, they have already started dropping for each and every one of them.

If increasing natality was not the purpose, that leave us with only some religious freaks that have climbed up to the top of those companies, in league with some other religious freaks that have climbed up the political ladder and here they are.

Therefore, religion and politics should be part time jobs. Nobody should be allowed to rule and decide laws for communities they are not part of. Actually, religion should be just a hobby for each and every one of us.  And we should never pay religious freaks out of our taxes and there should be an upper plateau of income for companies and people alike. Because money is power, and to keep a society in balance it should be distributed more evenly than it is now.

Texas I am sorry for you. I am pretty sure other US states will follow, and I am not sure about how long this clusterfuck will avoid Europe. Why? Because there are a lot of poor and uneducated people in the world right now that put all their hopes in a god and the parasites religious freaks that cannot make money in any other way but by declaring themselves that god’s emissary and ripping off poor gullible desperate people are thriving.

Oh… poor, poor humanity, what will become of you?

As a woman, the idea of living in a country with anti-abortion laws and men who consider a woman they impregnated a “perp” and consider reporting her for seeking an abortion is terrifying.

And I don’t get it. US is obsessive over property rights. If you enter somebody’s yard without their approval, they are allowed to shoot you. Is it so hard to understand that the body of a woman is her own yard and she should be allowed to do whatever she wants in/with it?

This is gonna sound sick, morbid and repulsive and I will probably lose some readers over this over this analogy, but if you come and shit into my yard, I am allowed to take that shit to the garbage, right?

Well, the semen of men that rape, that have sex without a condom or don’t care about what happens to their semen (and the semen of men passing anti-abortion bills) is esentially shit. Women should be allowed to do the normal thing that people do with shit: clean it up and throw it away, even if that damn shit is stuck to you like glue.

The last thing I want to say about it: Texas, if you want more kids, how about you offer free healthcare to mothers and a few years of properly remunerated maternal leave? I am pretty sure your population would grow over the next nine months after passing a bill like that. No need to ban abortions, especially since this shitty bill will affect women that probably do not want to do it, but this shitty society we’re living in give them no other choice.  All those money for sponsoring this bill, that probably ended up in some politicians’ pockets, put them into your fucking healthcare system and motherhood support and then check out the result in a few years.

I am disgusted and I am scared. Nonetheless I will wish you to …

Stay safe, stay happy!

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The one where I found out I’m a lover not a fighter

Alcohol dampens the control mechanisms of a person. Depending on the type of person they are and what they are feeling, the way they manifest when drunk differs as well. Most people get happy, or sad, and in the worst cases they get violent. Unless they happen to go to sleep until they get there.

There haven’t been many times when I got drunk, truly drunk. I got tipsy, but drunk, as in total lack of control and then blackout, only twice. Or so I thought.

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Changes (part 2)

This is not an entry about losing weight and getting in shape, nor about personal growth. I know it might seem incredible, but it is about food. And it is unrelated to any of the previous. I swear!

One of my all-time favourite foods is something that in Romania is called fish-egg salad. And it is literally what the name says it is: a salad made with fish eggs. It translates to English as roe salad, and it is pretty similar to tramasalata. The difference is that the Romanian one has a more intense fish taste and smell and we put a lot of onion in it. I found tramasalata in Sainsbury’s and I like to eat it paired with carrot sticks or green pea pods. Taramasalata is not that instense in taste, and it is a little sour, compared to the Romanian version, it is enjoyable but while living in Scotland, I’ve missed the Romanian version a lot.

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Changes (part 1)

I’ve written a while ago that I panicked because I got seriously fluffy during lockdown and decided to get in shape.

Do you want to know how it’s going?

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