Dec 07 2012

Compiling, compiling … done.

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As you noticed from my previous post, a few days ago I started updating a Gentoo VitrtualBox machine.
Right after the update used:
#emerge -av –depclean

And that’s when all went to hell. Apparently a lot of my packages were considered unnecessary and were unmerged. Among them some dependencies for the VirtualBox modules which made my virtual machine forget about the graphical interface. The possibility of displaying a log on the five inch window to see what the problem was , was not an option so the first step was to fix the system a little so that I could at least have access to a bigger screen.

The solution was simple in my case, just emerge –sync and emerge world again . And surprise!! a new version of Kde was available, 4.9.4 and the system proceeded to installing it. So I said, what the hell let it do it! After a few hours of torture, during which I searched for a solution to make the VirtualBox modules work in order to be able to make my virtual machine interact friendly with the underlying OS, a Windows 7, I found a guy on a forum which had a similar problem and his solution was to upgrade the kernel. So I checked the version of kernel I was using. Indeed was an old one. A new one was not such a bad idea. So I downloaded the new sources and got to work taking the same steps specified by the manual. By the end of the night I had a fresh 3.5.7 kernel and the same problem with the VirtualBox modules. I unmerged them (virtualbox-guest-additions and virtualbox-modules), emerged them again. But the situation was the same. I was going out of my mind, not knowing what the problem was. So at the end of my patience, I asked an expert: Rpx. Based on a piece of message found in a log file in /var/log “vbox disagrees about version of symbol module_layout”, he concluded that my VirtualBox modules were compiled with a different kernel dependency. Well, that’s was all I needed.

I wend on and recompiled the kernel using:
#genkernel –menuconfig –bootloader=grub all
And when configuring it I took a look here and selected the options recommended for a VirtualBox machine. The kernel was compiled, I just unmerged and remerged the virtualbox stuff and instead of following the steps in the previous link I just followed the instructions displayed in the console at the end of the compilation for virtualbox-guest-additions.

I restarted the system and… voila! My virtual machine is up and running and interacting with Windows just fine.

Disclaimer:This is not a tutorial on how to fix a Gentoo VirtualBox Machine, it is just a post in which I brag about the fact that I can do it. :D You could take it as an advice to Read The Fucking Manual!, because that’s what helped me in the end.

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May 16 2009


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We are what we are.

There was a long explanation here long ago, about how this blog started and who the main authors are. But as time passes, people change and the universe, like you and me, is born and dies without reason or purpose. So this blog transformed from the group blog known as, to my personal blog as the other authors lost the interest in writing.

So, who am I?

I am a full-blown adult with the heart and innocence of a child.
I am trustful and respectful of other people.
I am a loner and a dreamer.
I love jazz, blues and rock music.
I love playing the piano.
I love to travel and read.
I love rain and Earl Grey tea with milk.
I love my cat and I love software development.
I love science and technology.

I dream of selling all my belongings, buy a boat or a caravan and never live more than a week in a place again.

I am 10% bitterness, 80% sunshine and 10% fucking solar flare.

I love to love. I love to learn. I love to live.

Favorite quote:  “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” — Søren Kierkegaard