Oct 23 2018

(K)Night at the Edinburgh Castle

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On the 5th of September, the council decided to open up the Edinburgh Castle at night and illuminate it in various colors. Aside from that, there was an … event of some sorts. A small scene was installed in front of the Edinburgh castle and the night began with the alternative’s rock band West Princes act. They’re a bunch of kids, but they sound quite well live. Their only single I was able to find is below; just ignore the video, it’s pretty weird.

There were knights in medieval metal suites here and there in the castle that you could take a selfie with. I did not take any selfie with them because I’m anxious to interact with people I don’t know. (I am kidding, I just was not in the mood) On one side of the castle, a crossbow range was installed and people could shoot arrows at some empty beer cans and win small prizes. I got a prize and had an interesting discussion with the man managing the shooting range. After that, I went to the Redcoat Cafe, where they were serving an amazing Quatro Formaggi Pizza and I got myself a huge slice. In the mess hall, there was a young DJ and a group of kids that seemed to be having a lot of fun. There was also a whiskey tasting, but unfortunately, I had to drive home after so no whiskey for me. :(

For the people that had the patience to stay in a queue, there were some artists painting medieval designs on peoples’ faces for a small fee. You can imagine this was a total blast for the kids. For the people that enjoy problem-solving an escape room was set up in the castle prison. I was really interested, but there were already a bunch of kids locked in there. :D There were a few more activities involving dress up in medieval gowns and taking selfies in the castle chambers. I was not in the mood for that either.

So I left home after two hours and seeing all that was to see because at home I had a wine bottle waiting for me and a cat that needed food and some play time. I’ve got some nice castle pictures though and some pictures of a few Edinburgh buildings that I like, but during the night, which is a first since I moved here. So I declare the night an overall success. A mediocre one, but a success nonetheless.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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