Mar 26 2019

A great performance

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I was a student in 2005 when I first heard and seen the following video.

I must confess I was intrigued, because the song did not have the structure that I prefer, not many verses are rhyming and the video is nothing but weird. Creative, but weird. I did not really like it, but I could not stop listening to it either, every time discovering new things about it. I did not hear the word “poise” being used in a song before. I really liked the vocalist’s voice, there was something really peculiar about it, he could switch really easily from low notes to high notes, and it seemed… effortless.

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Oct 03 2018

When you are a responsible person…

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… you are a responsible person even in your dreams.

I think by now you are used to blog entries about my crazy dreams. Well, this one might make make you laugh a little.

So, last night I drank alone a bottle of 500 ml of a wonderful Prosecco. I am Romanian and I grew up in region quite close to Russia so believe me that bottle was evening tea for me. Anyway, my brains decided that the bottle of Prosecco was a good inspiration for a dream.

So, in my dream, I drank the bottle and went to the Panic At the Disco! concert (that it is not until March 2019, by the way). And if you think I have dreamed the whole concert experience, you would be completely mistaken. In my dream, I wake up in my bed in my room with Brendon Urie in my bed. He is sleeping heavily and I have no idea how we both got there and I could not remember anything about the concert. And I was slightly puzzled that the concert took place in October 2018 too.

Anyway, what do you think is the first thing that I do? I start looking for my wallet and phones. Yes, my friends, instead of climbing Brendon Urie like a telephone pole, or waking him up to ask him how we ended up in the present situation, the responsible me started looking for her phone and wallet, because that’s what a responsible person does after a drunk night out. And I woke up panicked about not finding my wallet and phones, to find out it was still night, no Brendon Urie in my bed, just my fat cat.

Well, I have high hopes for the concert in March now. ;)

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