Sep 04 2020

Big democracies do not exist

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Here’s a thought, US was never a democracy, but if there is something US is good at, is bullshitting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing, I’m actually envious.  An averagely intelligent American could easily convince a gardener to buy cucumbers. American people are so good at wrapping things up nicely that they even did it to themselves. How the hell could American citizens ever believe they lived in the greatest country in the world is beyond me.

You are not living in a democracy when you need three jobs to pay rent and survive. That is still slavery, regardless of your color. You are not living in a democracy when your job doesn’t automatically come with medical insurance. You are not living in a democracy when as a person you can go bankrupt.  This concept of being bankrupt when not owning a business is only possible in the land of bullshit.

Why am I so convinced US is not a democracy? A country of that size and with so many people cannot be a democracy. Let’s look at the countries with the biggest population a little. Can you guess how many of those are democracies?

  1. China – dictatorship
  2. India — they have Modi as a prime minister and still have a caste system, I very much doubt their democracy
  3. United States – well, anti-racism riots managed in the same way China managed its Hong Kong protests  or the same way Ukraine managed theirs. Ukraine is not a democracy either. Add in the previous arguments. Do you still believe this is what a democracy looks like?
  4. Indonesia – well, theoretically it is. Practically, the newly elected politicians are drafting a system pretty similar to the US electoral system. So if this country is a democracy, it won’t be for long.
  5. Pakistan – do I even need to add something?
  6. Brazil – dictatorship
  7. Nigeria – dictatorship
  8. Bangladesh – calls itself a democracy, but it’s not. Its Wikipedia page is pretty clear on that.
  9. Russia – Putinorship.. aaa … Dictatorship, I meant dictatorship.
  10. Mexico – a flawed democracy

Look, a person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous.

Have you ever tried to reason with a group? The bigger the group, the harder it is to get your message across, and the harder is to control them. If you are trying to make a decision about something, even with a vote, things can still go wrong if you have a few loud-mouth,attention-seeking idiots. So yeah, it is very difficult to control a group, unless they are in chains, or they fear you, or both.OR you have brainwshed a few generations into submission.

Just ask a teacher how hard is to keep under control a classroom of 25 children. The way our society is structured right now, most adults barely mature, so believe me it is not a big difference.

It is a natural law, the bigger and more complex a system is, the more failure points there are, the more difficult it is to monitor it and keep it under control. So, a shitload of people doing what they want is a pretty fallible system. When it comes to people, they are quite easy to control. Just make them distrust each other. Confuse them, then divide and conquer them. What is happening in the US is the second stage. I have no doubt that Trump will continue being president and will modify the laws, so the position can be inherited. But, Trump and his acolytes are not killing people in the street. The police are part of the American people and they are abusing and killing thier own. US looks a lot like a big scale Stanford experiment. And that is terrifying.

The most ridiculous thing is that probably everybody imagined that US under Trump will be like the Idiocracy movie. Nobody thought that it might be so much worse. Because in the Idiocracy movie, their president was smart enough to know he was stupid. Trump doesn’t know that. He is the poster child for the Dunning–Kruger effect.

So yeah… rest in pieces US. You had us fooled for a while, I guess it was about time to come out as a … whatever the fuck that is.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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Mar 05 2020

Employment brokers

Category: MiscellaneousIuliana @ 13:09 did not want to write another entry about this, but it seems I have to.

I have a professional profile on LinkedIn, the same as I have a personal profile on Facebook. I do not use Facebook very much since I am not really obsessed with having a virtual persona. I do not use LinkedIn very much either since I’m not actively looking for a new job. But LinkedIn does not seem to care about that and insists on spamming me. So here and there I go in LinkedIn and I either accept some readers of my books into my community of followers and refuse a few recruiters.

And like I said, I did not want to write about this again, but here I am.

Before I moved to the UK and even after that I’ve received job offers and there are a few things that have and still do piss me off.

First thing first, offers are made per year and the sum is before tax. I cannot for the life of me understand why that is. In Romania, when you negotiate a salary, the potential employer tells you the exact sum you are going to receive every month. The UK has a tax system that hasn’t changed for years, I don’t think it is difficult to calculate based on your offer how much a person will be actually payed each month. Sure 2500 GBP per month, does not sound as good as 50.000 GBP per year, but then again if you’re not good with math and you are not raised up in the UK and familiar with their tax system, you might be effectively tricked into accepting a salary that you will be disappointed with. Who wins in this scenario? Because a company will end up with an unhappy employee that will have no respect for the potential employer and will probably not be motivated to “go the extra mile”. That employee will still look for a better opportunity and leave as soon as he or she finds it. Honestly, the way salary negotiations are made in the UK are misleading, disheartening and damn right humiliating for the employee. And the practice applies to internal bonuses as well. One of my managers, a year or so ago told me that I will be receiving a bonus of 700 GBP. It wasn’t much compared to the bonuses I had received at the company I previously worked with, but then again I wasn’t a manager anymore, so I thought to myself “It’s better then nothing”. Imagine my surprise when I got my salary that month, and my bonus was about 80% lower, and all that because my manger did not mention that the sum was before tax. Why would anybody do that?

How the hell somebody has convinced people in the UK that this practice is normal and fair is beyond me and it is infuriating.

Unless you are considerably rich, and taxes actually stunt your income enough that it motivates you to look for ways to avoid them and you have the means to do so, I cannot see any reason you should be interested of your income before taxes. Banks are not interested when deciding how much to loan you. Doctors are not interested when you need medical assistance. Nobody really cares except the state so it can take its share.

The second thing that pisses me off if that recruiters seem to make me the same offer as two years ago. And that is weird as fuck. Seriously now, I have almost 14 years of experience in IT, most of them working a full time job and a part time job, I’m a renown technical author in my field, how can these idiots offer me the salary of middle-level developer??? I am Romanian, I am a woman and I am not a British citizen, but how desperate do you think I am? Or do you think me so naive I do not know my own value?

Let’s assume that the employment market is a stable and rigid as the tax system is. And maybe the salaries I’ve been offered the last two years in the UK is just the normal one for my age and experience. (Bullshit, people do talk about thier salaries.) If every company offers me the same sum of money, why would I ever quit my current job? For the benefits? Because in this case I will probably retire in the company I work now. Because no other company would probably beat the benefits I have here. And no I will not list the benefits here because the value of the benefits is subjective. The benefits I have here are extremely valuable for me, for somebody else they might be … “meh”.

And back to payment, if all companies offer the same salary for a certain professional level, the only factor that will decide if somebody will work for a company or another is chance. We assume here that everybody is competent enough to deserve that offer just for the sake of the argument. And if all companies offer the same salary for a certain professional level, recruiters get their bonuses based on chance as well. So their job is a gamble, their value as professional is not a factor, and the chance they will get me the a job that I will actually stick to it’s … slim. And companies leave thier work force value to … chance. So you pay a fixed price to a recruiter for … a chance? Like the lottery? What the actual fuck?

Think about it this way. I’m going to climb a tree to pick an apple. All apples are red, about the same size. If I’m really hungry or really-really feel like I want an apple I will pick the first I can reach. If I’m not, it depends on how much I like to climb trees, maybe stop and pick the one after I hear a branch crack, maybe I just pick that the looks better from the angle I’m looking at it. Or maybe at some point I just tire of climbing and again I pick one at the level I am at and that is close to my dominant hand. Which apple I will get, doesn’t have anything to do with its nutritional value, or taste, or if it has worms or not. It’s just so random, the whole choosing process becomes pointless and the apple becomes so bland that I might decide to eat it just because of the effort I’ve spent on getting it or just take a bite and throw it away.

The reason I had to write all this is because I’ve made the mistake of writing a smaller version of this entry yesterday on LinkedIN. And the only conclusion the recruiters have drawn was that I was looking for a job and thought that it would be good idea to start spamming me again with offers with the same damn salary I’ve been offered for the last two years. They did not seem to notice my disappointment in the process of recruiting. And they dare call themselves HUMAN resources specialists… It sickens me. They should call themselves employment brokers. Because that is what they really are.

Stay safe, stay happy!

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