Mar 28 2021

Nature, nurture and paying taxes

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I was wasting some time on reddit and found a few entries related to women, relationships and how the possibility of having kids affected the men-women dynamic.

Somebody asked at some point if women are just walking uteruses for men. I’ve replied that yes, because that is the only thing that they cannot do and that I hate it. Some trans people got into the discussion and everything digressed horribly, so I thought I would write a few words here, on my blog, where I am God, where I have the bread, butter and I also yield the knife. :D

Without talking about other genders than male and female, as a heterosexual and a woman, just try to date and put upfront that you don’t want or can’t have children and see how many of the men actually continue the relationship and love you for you, and not for the ability of passing on their genes.

Maybe it’s nature, maybe it’s education, but most men want to pass their genes on and if they can’t, they will deny themselves a partner who fits them perfectly in every other way. To me this behaviour is crazy. Because if we were to take the self-preservation instinct into account, a full-blown adult is a much safer bet than a bunch of to-be-decided ones, that you have to nurture and take care of until they are adults and able to be a support for you. And that is, if they are born healthy and, if society doesn’t fuck them up.

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