Feb 06 2021

Truly Like Lightning

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It’s no secret around here that I have a soft spot for David Duchovny. The only thing stopping me from masturbating while watching The X-Files episodes when I was in high-school was my overly catholic education. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were my idea of partners for the most perfect threesome, and that is very … ahem … catholic.

Anyway, I’ve followed both their careers over the years. Gillian Anderson is still kicking ass as an actor and I always watch whatever series she is in, even if I don’t like the overall series.

David Duchovny might have gotten tired of acting because he focused on music and writing. His music is good because of the lyrics and storytelling. He is not an exceptional vocalist, and the good instrumental part of his songs is 100% the work of the youngsters in the band. His singing voice reminds me of the wise old men that use to sing songs in the mountain cabins after a long trek. It’s an acquired taste, and probably those that like his music, pretty much like him for all his previous achievements.

I am very happy he started singing and touring honestly. Because this has given me the opportunity to meet him twice. And I was amazed by how good he looks for his age, but also by how normal and humble he is.

Anyway, as soon as he started writing books, I looked up his bio and read about him to make sure the books are worth buying. He has a degree in English literature, so how bad can his writing be? And I started reading everything he wrote. And I did not hate it.  The book I like the most from him so far, is Bucky F*cking Dent, I’ve probably mentioned this on my blog before.

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May 28 2018

Miss Subways

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I just finished reading David Duchvny’s Miss Subways. I started reading it a few nights ago, just before drifting off to sleep. I would not call this novel a master piece, but it sure fits my literary style of what I like to read. I loved it and I can’t call it a master piece because I’m no literary critic.

It is a surprising read and for the first three chapters I was having doubts which was the real thread of the story. I even asked out loud when Sidhe was introduced if David was on some good marijuana or some hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Overall it is a story about love, of hopes and dreams, of human weakness and strength. Just as in “Bucky Fucking Dent”, love wins against all odds and plots and deals. The book it is also spiced up with references to different religious figures and myths and snippets of writings from Yates, Shakespeare and other classic writers and poets. There are subtle references to the current political situation in the US.

It is a good read and my only regret is that it was so short.

Another thing a devoted fan of David Duchovny will notice is that this book also contains common elements with the “Every Third Though” music album that he released at the end of last year. There is a chapter called “The Sacred Heart”, which is also a term used in the title of one of the songs: “Stranger in the Sacred Heart”. Both the chapter and the song reference the Sacré-Coeur church in Paris, where people go to pray not for themselves, but for others.

There are three things worth mentioning:

  • The book is about a person or two, that wanted to be writers in their youth and never did it because … life got in the way.(similar to “Bucky Fucking Dent”)
  •  There is a paragraph where the protagonist reads a text from her lover and there is a typo in it. Her exasperation with his carelessness for grammar made me identify with her from that moment. That’s why the end of the novel brought tears of happiness in my eyes. Because she gets the happy ending ( or beginning?) I hope for too.
  •  It is funny how David dedicated a chapter to explain how the protagonist’s book made use of a lot of racist and discrimination cliches we are so used to, and still was deemed a good book. Just as his novel has, and I really hope no exaggeratedly sensitive political-correctness envangellist will start attacking the book for that.

I don’t think I have a favorite quote, I think I need to read the book again to pick one. Also, I gave you enough details to make you curious, I don’t want to spoil it for you.

So, buy it, read it and let’s talk more about it.
Stay safe, stay happy!


May 12 2016

Expect the unexpected

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I know that I keep promising to make this blog a technical one, but until the second technical book is out, everything technical that I do is related to the book and I am not allowed to make it public until the book is published. So until then, you’ll have to get used to reading only normal things that I think about, normal or not so normal things that happen to me.

The last normal thing that happen to me is that I went to Amsterdam to see David Duchovny  sing. And I had a VIP ticket, first VIP ticket for me, ever. I thought it meant receiving an official CD with an autograph or a place closer to the stage.  Apparently it included more, meaning the possibility to meet him. It was unexpected and I thought for two days what I could say to him. I have always dreamed about maybe meeting him by mistake someday and telling him I loved him in X-Files, Californication and Aquarius,  that I loved his singing and I sort of enjoyed his books. I imagined meeting him in a coffee shop and having a conversation about who we are and what we do. But I never dared to think that I would actually meet him and I had no idea how the interaction will be.

What can you say to your favorite singer or actor? “I love you”? “I want to marry you” ? “You are awesome”?  That is preposterous, because you do not really know the person.  You might know what wikipedia, or imdb, or allmusic says about them. You know a lot about them, but you do not know them. Plus, the stupid things I mentioned before are things that adolescents says, because they easily fall in love with an image and/or a voice. As an adult you cannot say those things without looking ridiculous. And I did not want to seem ridiculous. So, what could a thirty-something old say to her favorite actor? I had no idea.

“You look very good for your age, I really hope that’s not make-up”, that’s what I ended up saying to him. Yeap, not so smart, I know. It was sort of a compliment, but not really. And it definitely was not memorable.  He had a mild cold, and the people in charge of the event told us that he would not speak because he is saving his voice for the show. But he did speak to me, he had to confirm that he was that good looking with no make up on. And I got so mesmerized and sort of embarrassed that I just took the picture with his autograph and wanted to leave. He grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me close to him for the official picture. It was unexpected and daaamn he is strong!  He does have strong hands, but I think he kinda skips the leg day a lot, because he has a small ass and really skinny legs. (hi hi!)

david_and_meWhat you really must know is that this guy is definitely not photogenic. He looks much better in real life than in any of his movies or this picture. Except X-Files, when he was very young, in all other movies he looks trashed and sort of old. But when I was face to face with him, I could not   believe how not his age and fresh he looked. (These Hollywood people are out of this world!)

So yeah, I met David Duchovny and it meant so much to me because, I am  such a meaningless individual, I have started my life from such a low point that meeting my favorite actor was pure fantasy. But I met him, and the reality of the event is confirmed by a picture I have with him that will be printed on photographic paper and be stuck to my fridge next to the one with his autograph. And my future children and grandchildren will be told the story of this insignificant little girl with not many expectations for her future, that grew up to be a significant strong woman that even got to meet her favorite actor. (Even if the interaction with him lasted probably no more than 30 seconds, it still counts, ok ?)

I wish I had the occasion to know him better, but I guess some events in our lives are more meaningful because of how short they are.

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