Sep 25 2016

Saying goodbye to Dublin sky

Category: MiscellaneousIuliana @ 13:30

In 2011 I was in Dublin for a month and a half for work. I have no idea if the job or the new and troubled relationship I was involved into were to blame, but I did not like that town and I could barely wait to get out of there.

Time has passed and five years or so later I took a step out of the plane and into Dublin again. The plane did not shake so much when landing, but the typical island wind was right there to welcome me. The grey sky was there too. I took the bus and headed to the city. One of the things I love about UK and Ireland are the two level buses. You can just take at seat the the second level and see the road into town from a higher level, you get a better and more ample view. Dublin was as I remembered it, a cold mix of architectural works spanning about 200 years and a lot of dirt. Yes, dirt, because no matter how much the cleaning companies are working, Dublin is always dirty. No idea if the cause for this is the tourists, its inhabitants and the wind that always moves the dirt around, or all three. And when I say dirt, I mean garbage, every single thing that humans do not need and throw away, ends up in the streets, no idea how or why and it is never cleaned out completely.

The beer is good tough and there are multiple options in this domain. And cider, oh my god, the cider! So many brands, so many flavors, I’m salivating while writing these lines. And the pubs, so many pubs. But the pubs are awesome because they sell the previously mentioned beverages so… And Dubliners are noisy, the pubs are so noisy that remind me a lot of Romania’s pubs. Dublin is a city that is truly alive if you take this in consideration.

Something else I noticed: sugary foods. All food is sweet, and people living in Dublin look like they are on the same obesity path as US. Which is so, so… sad.

The Ireland coast line is the only reason to see Ireland. Coast cities and villages are the best looking, neat and clean and cozy as hell, and the combination between mountains and see never ceases to blow my mind.

But no, Dublin is no city to leave in. Traffic is hell, rent is expensive and rent properties are unkempt. I guess even people stop cleaning after a while. I have friends that pay 700-800 euro for a room/studio in poor neighborhoods of the city. Not idea how big the salaries are in Dublin, but if the rent is over 10% of your salary you are in big trouble.

I had fun though and at least now I know that my initial perception of Dublin was correct. I honestly thought, because of my heartache from 5 years ago, that I got the wrong idea, that I thought that Dublin is a sad and dirty city, and its grey sky feels heavy on the hearts of its inhabitants.

So I’m leaving the grey Dublin sky behind and this time I had the time for a proper goodbye.

Stay safe, stay happy!