Apr 16 2020

A hairy story

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I’ve terrified you enough with the darkest corners of my mind, you need a breather. So here it goes….

I think a lot of people have seen this video:

And they probably had a good laugh. I had a good laugh as well.

But after that I started thinking.

I really like thick eyebrows, on other people … mainly men. Just to give you an idea how serious I am about eyebrows, I had a huge crush on Zachary Quinto when watching Heroes.

For the same reason I like Aidan Turner… I mean look at those eyebrows, they are so bad ass. They make him look serios, like somebody you do not want to mess with,(well, maybe just fuck with :P) somebody decisive and strong. These actors keep messing up my idea of real men… damn! I blame them for being a spinster. My expectations for real men are just too high because of them.

Eyebrows are more important then we give them credit for. The fun thing is that sometimes they are sexy even if they are not symmetrical. But depending on the shape of the face and the attitude of the person sometimes… they just work. I had a classmate in high-school that had thick eyebrows that actually met above the bridge of the nose. He was tall, muscular and very well shaped all together, with very masculine square jaws and long eye-lashes. And call me crazy, but I found him very attractive.

But I always wondered how our society would have evolved if eyebrows did not exist. Because that would be a different kind of beauty. There was a few years ago a fashion tentative to use models without eyebrows and the world went balistic. It seems we are really attached to those patches of hair protecting our eyes from the sun. (Those of you that know me better might have an idea where this is going.)
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