Apr 18 2017

My new favorite series: The Fall

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No idea where I heard about this series, The Fall, maybe on Youtube. But I started watching it during the long Easter weekend and I could not stop until I’ve seen it all.

I don’t usually start watching a series while I’m writing a book. Maybe the fact that Gillian Anderson is the main character made me curious, as I’ve loved her in X-Files. Maybe the fact that the action takes place in Belfast and I love the Irish accent. Maybe because is an English series, which means that the characters have more depth than the American ones. A combination of all these made me take the recommendation into account.

What can I say about the series? The action unfolds slowly and every detail matters, if you are focused enough on the movie you can see the clues for yourself. The main character, Stella Gibson, is a feminist symbol. She is strong, but emphatic. She is cold, but passionate. What makes this seriously notable is that there are no Hollywood cliches. Hollywood goes for older men dating much younger women. In this movie we have a woman in her 40s dating… actually dating is not a good term, having sex is more like it, with men 20 years younger than her. And the actress is 59. :) And yes she looks 40. This woman is focused on her career, on hunting the killer, but she has needs and she satisfies them with persons needing the same thing. All without the hassle of a relationship. And in a reformed Irish society this is not viewed well and she is often not taken seriously in her field because of it, or removed from the public view. But in the end, she has her killer. Eliminating another Hollywood cliche, the killer is caught by sheer luck, after some of his actions that were not linked to the murders have serious consequences. Season three is dedicated on building a case against him, to make sure he will definitely do the time and ends with Stella Gibson being given the credit for stopping him and her going back to her home where we see her alone sipping red wine from a crystal glass.

Why I like this character so much? Because it was written so well, it is so real. In my 40s if I continue in my career, I will probably be something like that. Honestly, I hope I’ll be that good looking as well. :)) I can make tough decisions, but that does not mean I am not emphatic. I will stand my ground even if tears are rolling from my eyes. I am a woman, I am anatomically frail and vulnerable, but that does not mean I am weak. In the series she is also an anthropologist. Her behavior reminds me of Temperance Brennan a little, but Stella is more real, because she knows and accepts herself, that is why you do not see her trying to look strong, or hiding away her emotions. In the series, she explains why masculinity is a defect, when asked why women are so strong. Women are created based on a complete set of chromosomes:XX. Men are created from an incomplete set: XY, one chromosome is missing a strand of DNA. That is why, even if women are anatomically weaker, emotionally women are stronger and more resistant to pain. No idea if this is true, but is wrapped up beautifully enough in scientific facts, that makes it damn believable.

Another actor that gives an amazing performance is Jamie Dornan. It’s a little ironic that his role seems to resemble the role he has in 50 shades of Grey. I really hope they don’t decide to typecast him only as sexual psychopaths from now on. Because this guy has serious acting potential, which combined with his good looks might be the perfect cocktail for a great career. His character Paul Specter is amazingly written as well. The normality of the character in family scenes is strongly contrasting with his psychopath scenes, but he has a good side as well, that is well hidden in his actions, removing yet another Hollywood cliche, where evil characters are purely evil.

I won’t tell you more about the series, but I’m gladly recommending it. Just be sure you can take this kind of movie, because the characters feel real, so is the violence in some scenes. And also the cloudy sky over Ireland gives the series a dark feel as well.

Now I’m conflicted, these three seasons were amazing and the end was amazing. I’m a little uneasy if they will continue the series with Stella Gibson hunting another serial killer, because the next story might not be so good. I mean, look at True Detective.

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May 27 2015

Aia cu propaganda feminista

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Acum ceva vreme am inceput sa ma uit la Beauty and the Beast, serialul cu Kristin Kreuk si Jay Ryan. E un serial relaxant, care iti face chef de dragoste, intriga e ridicola pe ici pe colo, dar intre noi fie vorba, protagonistii sunt absolut superbi si imi lasa gura apa cand ii vad in ipostaze intime.(Clar, n-as refuza un threesome cu ei :D) Tot din curiozitate si plictiseala am vazut si primul episod din Supergirl.

Ce am remarcat in filmele astea doua este prezenta feminina absolut majoritara. In Supergirl, seful cel mare a companiei unde lucreaza Kara este femeie. O mignona uscativa cu gura mare si atitudine bitchy, jucata de Calista Flockhart. Kara are o sora adoptiva care este un fel de anti-alien super-agent. Si the super-villan este tot o EA.

Eu n-am nimic impotriva curentului feminist, dar sunt trei lucruri de care incerc sa ma feresc in ultima vreme: extremele, exagerarile si excesele. Chestiile astea trei sunt trioul mortii care pot strica fara posibilitate de undo cam orice. Inteleg ca incercam noi femeile in sfarsit sa aratam lumii ce puternice suntem noi si ca suntem si noi oameni si meritam drepturi egale, dar unele lucruri sunt duse la extrem, ceea ce nu va aduce nimic bun. Spre exemplu, singurii masculi din Supergirl sunt doi: un fotograf negru care pare a fi un barbat foarte delicat, aproape gay si un tip care este cam geeky. Poate este doar primul episod, dar momentan in serialul ala nu exista un barbat cu adevarat puternic, care sa echilibreze balanta puterii reprezentata de Supergirl. Iar chestia asta este un dezechilibru care va ingropa fimul asta.

In Beauty and the Beast, Cat, perosnajul jucat de Kristin Kreuk are ca punct de echilibru pe bestiuta din dotare, deci se incearca echilibrarea serialului, dar ea are ca partener tot o femeie, iar ele doua sunt mereu luate la misto de colegii barbati. Ceea ce mi se pare putin deplasat, este ca niciodata nu s-a mentionat ca s-ar fi dus la HR sa reclame misoginii respectivi. Fetele tac, inghit si isi bad de treaba, lasandu-i pe barbati intr-ale lor, ca sa sublinieze din cand in cand ca barbatii sunt rai si misogini. Nu stiu daca asta e propaganda justificatorie pentru feminism sau incercari stupide de mai condimenta serialul. Apoi mai e faza ca biata bestiuta, e doar un munte de muschi sexy cu foarte putina ratiune si logica. Inteleg ca asa e povestea, sa isi piarda controlul cand e bestie, dar personajul ala face la un momendat niste chestii, de te intrebi daca cel ce scris scenariul e batut in cap.

Gasisem un articol care sustinea sus si tare ca si noul MAD MAX este de fapt propoganda feminista sub acoperire. Nu l-am vazut inca, dar abia astept sa imi dau cu parerea.

Ce parere am eu referitor la asta: feminismul are rolul lui de a echilibra balanta intre sexe in societatea curenta. Dar, sa nu uitam ca barbatii si femeile sunt construiti diferit si au evoluat pentru anumite responsabilitati in societate. Sa incerci sa convingi lumea ca barbatii sunt maimute neanderthaliene conduse de instincte si hormoni, care trebuie controlati si urmariti la fiecare pas ca sa te asiguri ca fac treaba bine, pentru ca ei sarmanii au creiere asa de mici si nefunctionale, incapabile sa tina chestiile fiziologice sub control e putin extrem.

Eu am la activ 5 relatii esuate, deci cand e vorba de relatii cu sexul opus am cam tras mereu paiul scurt. V-ati astepta sa fiu feminista extrema, sa fiu prima care spune ca barbatii sunt idioti pentru ca prefera pe altcineva cu tate mai mari si cur mai sexy, in detrimentul persoanei care sunt eu asa minunata si ei doar niste netoti care n-au stiut sa ma aprecieze cu adevarat.

Ei bine nu, de fapt eu chiar cred ca exista niste barbati cu adevarat deosebiti in lumea asta. Chiar cred ca sunt niste barbati pe lumea asta care stiu sa aprecieze o femeie dincolo de aparente, care stiu sa treaca peste mentalitati si frustrari si sa poata sa se implice cu inima deschisa intr-o relatie. Doar inca nu am fost eu destul de norocoasa sa il gasesc pe cel care e compatibil cu mine. Dar nu-i bai. E si maine o zi.

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