Aug 31 2021

Changes (part 2)

Category: MiscellaneousIuliana @ 23:59

This is not an entry about losing weight and getting in shape, nor about personal growth. I know it might seem incredible, but it is about food. And it is unrelated to any of the previous. I swear!

One of my all-time favourite foods is something that in Romania is called fish-egg salad. And it is literally what the name says it is: a salad made with fish eggs. It translates to English as roe salad, and it is pretty similar to tramasalata. The difference is that the Romanian one has a more intense fish taste and smell and we put a lot of onion in it. I found tramasalata in Sainsbury’s and I like to eat it paired with carrot sticks or green pea pods. Taramasalata is not that instense in taste, and it is a little sour, compared to the Romanian version, it is enjoyable but while living in Scotland, I’ve missed the Romanian version a lot.

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