Oct 18 2018

Tinder HowTo

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After moving to this country and waiting for a little time to get used to it (lies, I actually just needed to finish the book, get some sleep and make sure this company still wants me after three months) somehow I found again the bravery to install Tinder. This is the fourth time I install this damn application and if my past is any sign of my future, it will not be the last time I do this. Sure, there are other ways, there are quite a few dating sites in the UK, but most of them require a subscription to allow exchanges of messages between parties. And I’m not that desperate to pay to meet someone. At least not yet, who knows what the future holds?

In Romania I did not have much luck with Tinder, because Romanian men are either traditionalists or dickheads, or both. Ok, ok… not all of them. But the good ones are all taken or they have moved out of the country. Or they might be gay. (sic!) In the spirit of political correctness, I will be waiting a few more years until I will write a post about those experiences. Because it is better to look at them more maturely, and those guys probably will be mature enough to have a laugh about it as well. Hopefully.

I decided to install Tinder and try to meet some people here, because … mostly because I don’t know anyone here and just having a beer alone in a bar does not do the trick, because British people are very polite and respectful. So much that if they see you drinking alone, they assume you want it that way. After scanning a lot of men pictures over the years, I think I should give a few tips to men trying to … whatever on Tinder.
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May 27 2015

Seman cu tata

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Unele dintre amintirile pe care le am de cand eram copil sau poate adolescent, nu mai sunt sigura, o includ pe mama care il boscorodeste pe tata pentru ca si-a luat chilotii pe dos, iar el zambeste si ii raspunde zeflemitor ca i-a imbracat asa ca sa se fereasca de vraji si de deochi.

Am avut momente in care credeam ca face asta intentionat, ca sa o oftice pe mama, pentru ca ai mei poate nu aveau ei cine stie ce activitate la orizontala, dar brain-fuck-ul era ceva la ordinea zilei.

Au trecut anii, am plecat de acasa, am evoluat departe de ei, am crescut, m-am schimbat. Dar din cand in cand am inceput sa fac o chestie ciudata. Aceeasi chestie pe care o facea si tata, imi iau chilotii pe dos. In apararea mea, mi-am cam facut o colectie de lenjerie intima formata din niste chilotei mici, cu o culoare uniforma, dintr-un material asemanator lycra care este foarte comod si efectiv nu simt ca am chiloti pe mine. Chestiile astea nu au efectiv cusaturi sau semne dupa care sa iti dai seama care e fata si care e dosul. Singura chestie dupa care te prinzi care e dosul, e o mica portiune de un material asemanator bumbacului care acopera o anumita zona care vine intre craci. Cu cat sunt mai adormita dimineata cu atat mai mult cresc sansele sa ii iau pe dos.

Si da, azi i-am luat pe dos. Ca sa ma feresc de vraji si de deochi. La fel ca tata.

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