Aug 16 2017

The US adventure(part 6): perfect day

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When I was about to start my vacation, I had a few days when I felt like crying. I was so panicked about the unknown, about being one ocean away from any person I know and care about. I was scared that if something happened to me, nobody would know and maybe the US officials would not even have an idea who to call. Fuck, I wouldn’t know who to call in case I would be involved in an accident for example. It’s a scary thought, to realise you are all alone in the world. Sure I do have some friends who would gladly take that call probably, but it seems unfair to burden them with the obligation of being considered family.

I decided to do this, to go for a vacation so far away from anybody I know as a test for me, for my ability of dealing with loneliness. The first night here, when I was driving to an unknown destination, in an unfamiliar car, at night, through heavy rain was terrifying. I was so happy to finally at the hotel, that in that moment I had the feeling I could deal with anything this country will throw at me. Including my own feelings, this was going to be a vacation of relaxation, introspection and personal growth.

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