Feb 28 2021

The joke was on me

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When I was in high school, while having a beer and a smoke and pretending to be a wiser than my years philosopher, I always joked that I will probably spend my life in a rotten moldy attic writing works of art that will only be appreciated after I die.

At the end of high school, while preparing for my admission exam for the university, I used to joke with my mom about how my front teeth were in really bad shape and wouldn’t it be really ironic if they break before I go to the university. Because if I would go to the university with no front teeth my focus on my studies would be insured, because no man would be interested in me and divert my focus.

I used to make a lot of jokes about Jesus taking the wheel when I drove.

I always used to joke with my friends about living next to a cemetery. While most of them were appalled by the idea, I was pointing out, jokingly of course, the benefits of it. It would be quiet and there is little chance somebody would build something that would obstruct the view.
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