Sep 26 2021

The unfairness of it all

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When the pandemic started it was Christmas 2020. The first reports of people getting sick in high numbers came from China, and in order to keep the money flowing, and people from panicking, no government or government councils, dared to stop transport of people and goods from that area. We wouldn’t want to upset the biggest communist empire in the would, would we? Especially since we want/need their cheap goods.

So now the whole world is infected and affected. While China did what had to be done and enforced immediate and brutal lockdowns, the politicians in the non-communist world kept postponing making the right and hard decisions until if they tried, people would not have taken them seriously. Regarding certain matters, governing a country is like raising a child. To raise them right, sometimes you must make decisions they won’t like. If you are lucky and they are old enough, you might explain to them why you are making the decision and they might understand and accept it, even if they don’t like it. If the child is a toddler, or a child that has been spoiled and allowed to do all they wanted up until a certain point in their life, making a decision that affects them in a way they don’t like, won’t be accepted, understood, or tolerated and they will rebel.

People that grew up in rather democratic countries, and were provided an average education, if any, are the worst kind, they are teenagers grown up with too tolerant parents. So yeah, if their government tells them to stay in their homes for two weeks, of course they will rebel. If the government tells them they need to get mandatory vaccines, of course they will refuse and resist it. For the purpose of this entry, let’s ignore arguments such as poverty, and essential services, and others, let’s focus on the analogy. No wonder we have so many antivaxxers, antimaskers (I can’t believe these are actual words in the dictionary now) and people falsifying records to show they’ve gotten their vaccine.

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Sep 24 2021

A private life is a peaceful life

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In February I deleted my facebook account. There is more than one reason why I did it, but the nail in the coffin, the last straw that made me make this decision and accept the consequences whatever those may be what the fact that a few family members had discovered facebook and “connected” with me. If you have been reading me for a while, you know that I tried to make my facebook profile match my real life as much as possible to avoid the social media syndrome, where you believe your life to be something it is not, while sadness and frustrations fester until you slide into depression. However, with members of my family following me, this was obviously not a good decision. Let me tell you why.

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Jan 20 2021

People are not trees

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I am not sure how to start, nor if this entry is going to have a clear conclusion. I have this pain in my chest that I need to try to get rid of by putting it into words. If there is something that you should take away from this entry is this: people are not trees. I am not kidding and I am not high. Hear me out!(well… actually read me!) We are not stuck on a single piece of land, forced to deal with winds, rains, frost, snow, dogs peeing, birds piercing our skin, and other outside elements breaking pieces of us. Trees and most plants have no choice, we do.

Imagine the following: if you have a plant in a pot, and your plant is not growing, not blooming, if it starts to get yellow and apathetic what is the first thing that you do? You change its soil.
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