Aug 17 2017

The US adventure(part 7): the long walk along the pier

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In my second entry about my US vacation I mentioned buying an iPad, the same one I’ve been posting blog entries for a while now. I also learned how to use the iCloud so the pictures made with the iPhone are accessible from the iPad and now I     can also post a few pictures here and there. It is funny how a few years ago I considered the iPad to be a useless, expensive toy.

When I reached Philadelphia, the first step was to park the car. I only found a place at the last level, the eleventh. The second step was to drop my troller at the hotel. According to Google Maps, the hotel was 1 minute away. Well, it was, sort of. When I turned the corner and saw the entrance I panicked. The hotel door looked old and above it there was a pavilion that looked also very old and was shattered as if a bear scratched it. I reluctantly entered and there was a notice:”Office at level two”. Phuck!, I must have said that out loud looking at the 23kg troller. I started up the stairs. Everything looked very old and poorly maintained, the walls, the furniture, the carpet on the stairs. And the space was very small as well, cozy. I finally managed to reach level two and met the owner. She was cleaning the rooms. I left her the troller and started my way around the town. I visited the “America Philosofical Society Museum” waiting for the tour of the Independence Hall, where the US constitution and Declaration of Independence were drafted. Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the US, and for a while it was the capital of the US. Actually Abraham Lincoln was the president of US, while Philadelphia was capital, he died before Washington DC became capital. I did the historical tour, seeing the Liberty Bell and Thomas Jefferson’s house. Then I stopped a little at the “Red Owl” for a cheese steak and a beer. As the car was stuck in the parking lot for the next two days, I could finally drink a beer”. Then I headed over to the Pier where I photographed some ships and a building that looks like a ship but it is actually a block with flats. And it has a parking as well. I was looking at it and wondered, how is the life of somebody living there.

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