Mar 25 2011

My two cents about the Rebecca Black experiment

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I won’t say the song is terrible.
I won’t say this is some kind of social experiment.
I won’t say that the record company that produced it exploits 13 year olds.
I won’t say anything about the 57 milions of views on youtube.

Buy I will say something about the girl and her mom, because I read on some site that the video was a present from a mother to her child. I don’t believe that when you pay somebody 2000$ for a service, you have no word in how that service should be provided. I mean, when you pay someone to redecorate your house for example, you tell him what you want, he comes up with a model and you agree or not. How stupid is Rebecca Black and her mom, in order for them not to realize that the song was sooo fucking stupid and ridiculous? The beat might be catchy, but lyrics have no rimes, rythm or measure and here and there we can also notice some really bad grammar. (Well, I guess that is the level of culture and intelligence among 13 year olds in some countries.)

But I guess all these things actually have no meaning when the final outcome is MONEY. In Romania we have a saying: “Prost să fii, noroc să ai” which can be translated as: “You can be as stupid as the universe tolerates it, as long as you are lucky“. I guess stupids are the most lucky ones in this world, and the Rebecca Black experiment confirms it.

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(English is my second language so I have an escuse for my bad English, ok?)
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