Jan 20 2021

People are not trees

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I am not sure how to start, nor if this entry is going to have a clear conclusion. I have this pain in my chest that I need to try to get rid of by putting it into words. If there is something that you should take away from this entry is this: people are not trees. I am not kidding and I am not high. Hear me out!(well… actually read me!) We are not stuck on a single piece of land, forced to deal with winds, rains, frost, snow, dogs peeing, birds piercing our skin, and other outside elements breaking pieces of us. Trees and most plants have no choice, we do.

Imagine the following: if you have a plant in a pot, and your plant is not growing, not blooming, if it starts to get yellow and apathetic what is the first thing that you do? You change its soil.
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