Apr 24 2021

Quick one about…

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I watched it, how could I not? It has Sebastian Stan in it.

You might think that I like him because we share our country of origin, and to that I say … maybe. But maybe I like him because of the contrast between his blue eyes and dark hair. You know I am a sucker for cotrast, right? Also, he is a very good actor and plays a very likeable character. Do I have to explain myself more?

All in all, the series is pretty good, and it has everything to make it an entertaining experience.

  • Sexy black person: check.
  • Sexy tormented white person: check.
  • Good dialog: check.
  • Men acting like boys: check.
  • Villain with good enough arguments that you can empathize with: check.
  • Powerful women: check.
  • References to current race turmoil in the US: check.
  • Motherly figure: check.
  • Great fight scenes: check.
  • Male characters never hitting women, even when they are the villains: check. (So much for equality, right?)

But there are a few things that could have made this movie even better. This is the dialog I would have loved to see in episode five, when Sam decides to wear the shield.

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