Dec 26 2018

The Annecy Experience

Category: MiscellaneousIuliana @ 19:23

After moving to the UK I haven’t strayed too far from my Edinburgh, because here I did not know or trust anybody to leve my cat with. So obviously I could not be gone more than 24 hours from my home. But I had to do it sometime so when I found a very cheap ticket to Annecy, France I just got the ticket, got the hotel and started looking for a pet sitter. Thankfully I had a colleague that had a cat as well and when he left on vacation for two weeks he tested a new pet sitter which turned out to be amazing so he recommended her to me as well. And she is indeed amazing and my cat loves her.  So there I was, money – check,  holiday taken from work – check, pet sitter-check. I was ready for my three days of fun in Annecy.

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