Aug 13 2017

The US adventure(part 3):”Looking for Summer” concert

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Here it is, the day of the concert. This is the concert I bought the thicket by mistake for, the ticket bought at 3:00 am in the morning that started my US adventure.

I had to fill my day with something and as Vienna is quite poor in places to kill time I chose to go to a wetland national park, the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge. As I am a big lover of nature and isolation, this turned out to be a great decision, as the park was mostly empty of human beings and I had the nature all to myself. The water lilies were no longer blooming, but there were other plants and insects just as interesting. I walked between the Deephole Point and Taylors Point, and took small breaks to admire small beaches and butterflies. And of course I got bitten by some bloody insect and have some itchy sports on my right shoulder. But oh well, I will bear it all for the love of nature.

US might have its flaws, but from what I’ve seen seems to take nature and protecting it very seriously.

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Nov 17 2015

Manson & Vienna

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This year between 13th and the 16th of  November  I was in Vienna. I went there for the Marylin Manson concert and stayed for the museums.  Let’s start with the beginning.

At the beginning of the year I found out via Internet that Marilyn Manson was going on tour in Europe to promote his new album “The Pale Emperor”. The tour is called: The hell not hallelujah. I managed to find only one colleague interested in going, so we bought the concert and plane tickets, found a host on AirBnB and we were on our way.

We landed in Vienna in the morning and we had our breakfast in a cute little bakery, so elegant and so cozy that I would love for such a thing to exist in Sibiu. After that we went to sleep, because in order to get to Vienna we had to drive 4 hours at night and take the plane from Bucharest. We woke just in time to eat something and then we went to the concert.  The concert took place in one of the Bank Austria Halle Gasometer buildings.

bank_austria_halle 2015-11-13 19.42.57

As you can see from the image the buildings looks amazing, as everything in Vienna for that matter.

The concert was amazing. Marilyn Manson is a weird, but very talented performer, even if his music is not catchy for a lot of people. The interpretation was very theatrical, the stage lights and stage props helped propagate that gothic and creepy atmosphere that is seen in his videos. He switched jackets and microphones and he he showed his fans what he can do with his voice. And guys, he can use his voice in really impressive ways.

2015-11-13 20.35.50 2015-11-13 21.40.50 2015-11-13 22.15.10 2015-11-13 21.31.42 2015-11-13 21.35.12-2
When I reached the location I was amazed about how normal the Marilyn Manson fans looked like. Of course there were youngsters with weird hair and weird piercings and that rock-rebel attitude, but most of the fans were normal people, some of them the age of my parents. The concert hall was packed with people, and down in the pit, where there were no chairs people were stacked like sardines. During the concert Marilyn threw a lot of beer bottles and light stage props onto the public. I am sure they became treasured items for the fans. He also got down from the stage a lot of times to make contact with his fans. Looking at his videos you might thing that he is quite skinny. Only when you see him live you realize that this man is quite fit.

During the concert he started kicking things on stage, microphones and instruments. I honestly thought it was part of the show. Until the show ended abruptly after one hour of singing and me and my colleague had no idea what happened. We just thought Marilyn had the VIP munchies. When we got to the place we stayed in Vienna we found out about the bombings in Paris. And we concluded he most probably was forced to stop the concert because the Viennese were not prepared with enough security in case of such an event happened there. And in that concert hall there were enough people for a bomb to do serious damage.

He managed to sing his most famous songs: Sweet Dreams(are made of this), mOBSCENE, The Dope Shoe, The Beautiful People, Antichrist Superstar. He only managed to sing two songs from the new album: Deep Six and Killing Strangers. If somebody would have forced me to stop my concert before singing all the songs on the album I am trying to promote I would be pretty pissed off too.

The second day we went walking to the center of Vienna. Vienna is an amazing city, it is clean, the architecture of the buildings is of really good taste and exterior elegant and well maintained.  People usually compare Paris to Vienna. I’ve been to Paris and believe me when I tell you I loved Vienna way more.

Everything in Vienna has its own peculiarity.
IMG_0332 IMG_0403 2015-11-14 11.33.36 2015-11-14 12.08.24 2015-11-14 12.08.58 2015-11-14 14.00.29 2015-11-14 11.23.17

Hofburg Panorama

2015-11-14 17.18.16 2015-11-14 17.57.26 2015-11-15 15.10.46
We’ve visited the Hofburg and Schönbrunn palace. Although we were not allowed to take pictures, we learned a lot about the history about Austria and the great Austrian Empire.
IMG_0363 2015-11-15 16.59.16

I will probably come back to Vienna, at the beginning of summer because at that time the garden of Schönbrunn probably looks mesmerizing.

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